Villa Zelenjak - Ventek

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Lijepa naša domovino,
Oj junačka zemljo mila,
Stare slave djedovino,
Da bi vazda sretna bila!

...are the lyrics of the Croatian anthem which in 1835 were written by the poet Antun Mihanović in this area, the picturesque Zelenjak. A hundred years later, the Braća Hrvatskog zmaja Association erected a monument to honour the Croatian national anthem, the only one of its kind in the world. Long ago, on this territory, a jacquerie took place at the foot of the ancient burg Cesargrad whose story is nowadays told only by ruins and stones. A promenade through the woods leads to this dilapidated but proud burg, as well as to the chapel of Our Lady of the Snow on the neighbouring hill, which is the proud guardian of this region.

In 1949 the Zelenjak Valley was proclaimed a protected object in the category of reserve of natural area-park forest and memorial monument of nature. The reserve comprises area of Cesarska and Risvička Gora with the Sutla River flowing through a 3 km long gorge. The slopes of Zelenjak are habitat of many significant and rare plants the most important of which are endemic species: the Croatian iris and the Croatian carnation.

Valley of the Sutla River, with Cesarska Gora rising above, is specific for the fact that three types of climate - continental, mediterranean and mountain - unite there. Therefore, we strongly recommend an active holiday with walks and spending time in nature for those who want to strengthen their lungs and the entire body.