Villa Zelenjak - Ventek

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Back in 1936 grandfather Ivan and grandmother Josipa built and opened a small inn in the already famous Zelenjak, after which the inn was then named.

Grandfather dealt with exploiting stone from his quarry and had a small ''limekiln'' where lime, which supplied this area, was produced. At the same time nearby the Braća hrvatskog Zmaja Association together with the inhabitants of this area, erected a monument to ''Lijepa naša'' (Our Beautiful Homeland), the Croatian anthem, which in this place was written by Antun Mihanović. That event was also a reason more for the family to dedicate itself to the development of hospitality.
Within a short period Zelenjak became a meeting place for merchants and aristocracy from a small town of Klanjec which at that time was known as an economic and cultural centre of Hrvatsko Zagorje. Grandfather was also a musician and together with his family he organized many balls that were held during the summer at the meadow by the Sutla River. By inheriting the tradition, his grandson Branko, today's owner of Zelenjak, gladly welcomes guests with his family.

The Ventek family is also known for its music, so the owner himself, a famous musician from Zagorje, Branko Greblički Ventek will often welcome you with a song.

Our visitors can enjoy the nature including visits to nearby cultural and tourist attractions.